Weddings are now tightly regulated due to COVID-19. Please contact the office for details. 

For hundreds of years couples from Wolston, Brandon and Bretford have begun their married life by exchanging vows at St Margaret’s church. It is a ministry we rejoice in and we would encourage all couples to begin life together with the support and blessing of God.

If you are resident in this parish, or are a regular worshipper here you may be married in the parish church. Others may be also be able to marry here. Since October 2008 there are a number of other 'Qualifying Connections' for those wishing to be married in an Anglican church who do not live in a parish or who are not on the electoral roll of the parish. It is important to meet at least one of these 'Qualifying Connections'.

  1. One or both of the parties should have been baptised in the parish.
  2. One or both of the parties should have been confirmed by the parish.
  3. A parent or grandparent were married at the church.
  4. One or both of the parties must have lived in the parish for six months at some point in their lives.
  5. The couple should worship in the parish for six months.
  6. A parent [not a step-parent] should have lived in the parish for six months.
  7. Parents have worshipped in the parish for six months or been on Electoral Role for 6 months.

We will consider marrying people who have been divorced but not before meeting with our Vicar when each individual couple's situation will be discussed and a decision made.

The best way to begin to explore having your wedding at St Margaret's is simply by coming along to one of the Sunday services, and introducing yourself to one of the church leaders afterwards. If you are hoping to get married soon please contact the office. It is important that you do not book anything else until you have discussed your wedding with us.

Marriage is a special relationship and differs from any that you may now have.  You are spending a lot of time and effort in preparing for the wedding day but perhaps not for your marriage, which is going to last a lot longer! After all would you go on a long journey by car without preparing the vehicle and yourselves properly? This is why St Margaret’s offer these sessions as we have a desire to encourage healthy marriages, created to last the exciting adventure.

My name is Jayne Hayward. My husband Keith and I have responsibility for the Marriage Preparation sessions. Here at St Margaret's we offer a course called "Marriage by Design" written by the organisation Care for the Family for all of those preparing for marriage. This consists of all couples marrying at St. Margaret's during the year meeting together in the Church Rooms to spend a day exploring marriage and what our expectations of that are. We use DVDs for short talks followed by an opportunity to chat with your partner (there are no group discussions, unless the couples ask for these). Whilst these days are not compulsory, we as a church strongly advise you to attend.

The next marriage preparation dates (including Marriage by Design materials) include:

February 6th 2021.

Some quotes from those who have attended a recent course include:

  • "I wish I had done these sessions before my first marriage, it might have made all the difference."
  • "We felt so welcome by yourselves, Kevin and everybody else who introduced themselves at Church. We were a little unsure about what today might consist of but actually we had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it! It was lovely to reflect on our relationship, both strengths and areas we need to continue to build on."
  • "We just wanted to thank you for our wedding prep on Sunday, it was not only a very informative day, but a relaxing enjoyable day too. I think Marriage by Design should be a must for all couples preparing to get married". 

Please contact the office if you are interested in these dates or wish to find out more about this course.

Important: Marriage BannsA photo of a wedding at St. Margaret's

Parliament has laid down that the publication of marriage banns is a legal requirement if you want to get married in the Church of England. It means the public announcement by the minister during a normal church service that two people wish to marry, and gives a chance for anyone in the congregation to put forward a legal reason why the wedding should not take place. This is extremely rare!

If you live in the streets in the Parish, your banns will need to be read here whether you are getting married here or in another church. If you need us to read your banns, please contact the church office at least four months before your wedding day. There is a small fee payable. This is an essential legal requirement - no banns, no marriage! If you live in another parish and think you may be eligible to to be married here, you will need to have the banns read there too. The banns will be read at our main service at 11am on a Sunday morning, for three weeks in a row.

While you are waiting, why not look at some of the Bible passages that you can choose for a wedding service? Or have a look at some information about weddings from the Church Of England?