Small groups 

St Margaret's has a number of cells and small groups where people meet midweek, weekly or fortnightly in people's homes to support and each other and apply the Bible to life. We also pray for each other and for local, national and international needs and issues. For those who are exploring the Christian faith or new to Christianity we have the Alpha course. For more information click here.

We have fun together and go out. We do projects together and take it in turns to help with coffee after the church service and other tasks.

Some groups choose their own topics. Groups call themselves by various names. Some focus on looking at the Bible passage - the Word - which was read and preached on the previous Sunday and see how it applies to their daily living. You don't have to have been to church the previous Sunday necessarily. Some use the cell principle of having four W's: Welcome, Word, Worship and Witness.

Let us know on the form below if you are interested in joining a small group or  speak to Jayne Hayward who is responsible for the ministry of small groups.