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Eco Church

St Margaret’s Wolston is an Eco Church - What’s that?

Coventry is an Eco Diocese and encourages parishes to sign up to Eco Church in order to promote caring for God’s earth in key areas.

Worship and teaching

  • Environmentally responsible use of church buildings
  • Environmentally responsible use of church land
  • Community engagement in environmental issues
  • More environmentally friendly lifestyles of individuals

Points are awarded according to how environmentally friendly the answer is. The aim is obviously to work through the Bronze and Silver to achieve Gold. Our original answers left us well short of even Bronze. Undeterred we set ourselves goals and our score is creeping up. Our Care for Creation service on June 10th and Messy Church on the previous Sunday were excellent examples of our commitment to improving our environmental awareness. There are many churches in the Coventry Diocese who have signed up to this scheme, and some have achieved Gold. The real aim, of course, is to demonstrate that we are reliable stewards of this amazing planet. 

The survey questions can be viewed by downloading the Eco Church survey. You might like to look through them to see if you can identify an area where you can help us improve. We will be looking for people to build bird boxes, bug hotels and hedgehog boxes, but NOT bat boxes. If you have any questions, please talk to Brenda Reeves, Helen Simmonds, Josie Gadsby or Caroline Payne or by emailing the church office.

Extracts from Diocese of Coventry Environmental Policy
Our intention:

1. We affirm the diocesan strategy to ‘transform communities’ and thereby ‘to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth’ as central to our worship, life, work and mission.
 2. We take environmental concerns fully into account in our mission, worship, study, education, training, pastoral, administrative and other programmes and projects.
3. We encourage our Diocesan Environment Group to raise environmental concerns and opportunities though the communication structures of the diocese, and on behalf of the church with other partner organisations.
4. We ask all members of the Coventry diocese to consider their personal impact on the environment in their daily lives, and to bring about change as a mission imperative.

Our practice:

1. We will identify environmental concerns and projects in our local and wider community and participate in appropriate action in response to them.
2. We will undertake an environmental audit of our churches and buildings. We will devise appropriate responses to lessen environmental damage and abuse and seek to reduce our carbon footprint.
3. We will monitor the environmental impact of our policies and plans, accepting that additional costs may be incurred in any resulting revisions.
4. We will promote locally sourced foods and produce.

Our learning:

1. We will seek appropriate information from Christian environmental groups and keep abreast of current thinking.
2. We will support and promote the work of local, national and international environmental agencies.