Who's who

We are currently in an interregnum, where we do not yet have a new vicar. Please get in touch with Jayne Hayward in the church office if you have any questions!

A photograph of Simon Mulley and Ruth McCartney.

Church Wardens: Simon Mulley and Ruth McCartney (St. Margaret's).

A photograph of MLT from 02-2023

The Ministry Leadership Team (MLT): Derek Leaf, Paul Simmonds, Chris Mulley, Naomi Brown and Jayne Hayward (St. Margaret's).

A photograph of Stephen Wigmore.

Treasurer: Stephen Wigmore (St. Margaret's).

A photograph of Jayne Hayward.

Church office: Jayne Hayward.

If you need to contact any of these people, please do so via the office.


A photograph of Josie Gadsby.

St Margaret's and St Peter's Parish Safeguarding Officer is Josephine Gadsby who can be contacted via the church office, by email or by telephone on 07422 715360.

Our Diocese Safeguarding Advisor Sarah Price can be contacted by email or by telephone on 024 7652 1345.

The Diocesan Safeguarding Team can be contacted 24 hours a day by email or by telephone on 024 7652 1345.